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October 1, 2011
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Pokimono: Tetsuo Imahara by FantaPrime Pokimono: Tetsuo Imahara by FantaPrime
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:bulletyellow: Name: Tetsuo (Tet) Imahara
:bulletblack:Pokemon: Jolteon
:bulletyellow:Age: 27
:bulletblack:Height: 6' 2''
:bulletyellow:Birth Date: August 31st
:bulletblack:Motto: Hey there, sweet-cheeks! Stay the hell away from me!

:bulletyellow:Village: Born and raised in Dark Forest, now stumbling into Noir Vale

:bulletblack:Job: Ninja

:bulletyellow:Ability: Volt Absorb - Turns electricity in to health.

:bulletyellow:Weapons: Twin Sai, needles

-Girls Being alone
-Music Quite
-Stormy nights
-Steel types
-Being lazy Doing most anything to keep his mind busy.
-Lemons or anything flavored with a lemon. Mostly Teru's Lemon Cake.
-Drinking Sake... and lots of it
-Activity Doing nothing
-His hair being messed up
-Days that are too hot
-Hostile people
-His Ex-Girlfriend (Not meaning his Wife)
-Noise and busy places
-Most people in general

:bulletblack:Personality: Tetsuo is rather was once a lazy person the majority of the time. The only time he actually DID something, like fight or travel, was when he was pushed to the very limit, and it was imperative for his health. Its not like he didn't do anything, just, preferred to sit and relax while smoking his opium. One thing that did stand out about Tet, was his love for women. He used be a perve, and a little too pushy at times, but when he really set his mind on a girl, he was as smooth as ever. Quite a silver tongue. Tetsuo could also be very friendly, but his buttons were easy to press, and his hotheadedness showed. Arrogant, cocky, friendly and lazy just about sumed him up.

Though recently.... Tetsuo has taken what most would call a three-sixty in his personality in the year he has been missing. Its often you will find him skimming the bulletins for jobs, patrolling the village, practicing, or doing something to keep his mind from drifting. Tetsuo, who was once someone who smiled all the time, now scowls and frowns, little to no emotion showing on his face, nothing more then the anger he now carries inside him. He's become quite the quiet person, and the loner, and the only time Tetsuo is found even remotely being around another person is when he needs to take a job, and when he needs to collect for it.

He's tired, often times dark circles and bags will show under his eyes, and its obvious he gets lack of sleep, most likely because of the night terrors he has when he does. When awake, he angers easily, yells, becomes violent, though this seems to be a last resort when he feels someone is pestering him. Tetsuo does drink, more often then he used to, and he still smokes opium regularly, course that hasn't changed.

All in all, Tetsuo is depressed, angry, and spiteful of everything, and only wishes to be left alone and its all post-traumatic stress.

:bulletyellow:History: Tetsuo grew up in a fairly average home life. His mother, Kiyoko, and his father, Kaisuke, were of Eevee blood, Kiyoko being an Eevee and Kaisuke being an Umbreon. Tetsuo however was the only child, as Kaisuke left his wife and son when Tetsuo was only 4 years old. His mother now distraught, had to raise a rambunctious child all on her own. Tet wasn't a good child, rather a delinquent, and most things in Kiyoko's home was destroyed at one point from Tetsuo having just too much energy. It was hard for both, as now she was a single mom and Tetsuo was fatherless, Kiyoko only feared he would not grow to be a man, with out a father.

Eventually, Kiyoko asked her good friend, Akira, a Seadra, and teach him the ways of the ninja. It was a good outlet for Tetsuo, and a good way to exercise his mind and body, and it seemed he was a prodigy. Around this time, Tetsuo met his good friend, Yamagata, who oddly went by the name HackSign. He happened to be a quiet and accident prone Metagross when ever Tetsuo was around. They became inseparable and Akira showed them just how to be a team, and eventually taught Tet Raindance. Though it took Tetsuo a while before he got it down, Tetsuo ended up spamming it, just for the rain.

He still does that. He does this only when he is mad, now....

Around the age of sixteen, Tetsuo was introduced to the drug, opium, where it became an addiction and caused him to be extremely lazy, and kind of a huge flirt, and thus started his playboy nature. His mom was oblivious to it, but it did worry that he was lazier and yet, also a God send. Kiyoko finally could work on her garden with out Tetsuo destroying it some how. It was simple from this point on, Tetsuo grew up as a self taught womanizer and smoked opium several times a day.

As he got older, Tetsuo moved into his own home, becoming a bachelor and praying of women to keep him company. It was when he was twenty-two that he met Hatsuko, a vileplume, and was in a rather long and serious relationship with her. However, things did not work out as she left him and the village with no particular reason.

Heartbroken, Tetsuo hid himself in the company of women more and became the village playboy. In doing so, Tetsuo met a lovely shuppet, Teru, and awkwardly started to playfully flirt with her. It was only awkward to her though, seeing that most in the village thought Teru was a boy, Tetsuo though, was able to see right past the boyish hair. Though what turned into playful flirting, and a way to get a rise out of her, even to the point of just trying to get her into bed, Tetsuo ended up rather smitten with the girl, and instead proposed they go steady. She agreed, though hesitantly, and yet, with Tetsuo falling more and more in love with her each day, she grew to love him just the same. They ended up moving in together, and Tetsuo had to put up with her stuffy brother, though in time they managed to have a manly talk, and Tetsuo expressed his true feelings, and the boys were able to be together in the same room.

While things seemed fine for them, Teru's past caught up to her in a flurry! A clan that knew about her past had begun to hunt her down and before Tetsuo knew it, Teru was gone. Gathering his friends Hack, Yuya, Acuity.... and Jupetta creepily hovering about.... they stormed a tower where they held Teru hostage. There Tetsuo thought he was too late and in a rage he used his sai as a lightening rod and directed all his electricity into the man that took her, thinking he he killed the man. When Tetsuo got her out of there, they all left, and days were fine after that, and Tetsuo was more protective then ever.

However, things were not at all peaceful when one fine day, Tetsuo's ex-girlfriend, the Vileplume Hatsuko, came back to Dark Forest, and barged into his life. She was manipulative, and grew spiteful with Tetsuo's dislike towards her. It was more infuriating that she acted as though leaving him was not as bad as it was, and it only angered him more. Where he wanted answers, Hatsuko wanted things back how they were, and the sight of Teru didn't set her off well in the slightest. Knowing that Tetsuo had stopped smoking cause Teru wanted, Hatsuko played on his addiction and lured him over to her place, where she proceeded to feed him cake that was laced, took advantage of him and then fixed his memories with some of her spores. Distraught, Teru fought for him, and with the help of their friends, again Yuya, Miya, Hack and Acuity, managed to get Tetsuo back on track.

Fights broke out between Hatsuko and Teru a few times, and more so with Tetsuo are Hatsu. Eventually the woman just turned rotten, burning Hacks house down, attacking Acuity, poisoning the water supply of Dark Forest and generally going insane. Still, through all that, Tetsuo proposed to Teru and he was accepted, and a marriage was on the way.

It was a while of peace, as it could be with Hatsuko mucking about, but eventually Tetsuo became severely hurt on a mission out in Fire Village, and two men came to his aide, ninja's and masked from view. They brought him home and to Teru, one revealing himself as Akira, Tetsuo's mentor, the other remained a mystery. A few weeks after the failed mission, which they learned was a set up, saying a Ninjask was his target, and yet, a Nidoking samurai was dressed as such, Tetsuo and Teru's home was invaded by men dressed in black, carrying katanas, led by a woman. A mob, and one of the worst in Pokimono, was now targeting Tetsuo. Why? Well for the man that had saved his life. That night, he revealed himself to be Kaisuke, Tetsuo's father, well... least to Teru.

He explained that long ago, he was sent on a mission to infiltrate the base of the mob, to learn what their target was, and to keep it from them at all costs. The cost was actually leaving his family, for when he found the item, a scroll which in the hands of a Legendary, granted them the ability to give life to someone who had passed. It was a valuable scroll, and thankfully, Kaisuke found it... and vanished. The mob had started hunting for him, though knowing nothing about Tetsuo and his mother, they were safe from threat and harm. However, rumor and spies found word of Tetsuo, though thankfully at his age currently, and the gang set up the mission. Why? They knew he was the key to finding that scroll. Since for years of hunting Kaisuke, they got now where, and when caught, he was lacking the scroll. So, his son was the next target.

Eventually, they got pushy, and sent in the same samurai that nearly killed Tetsuo, to Dark Forest, when most of the ninja were out, and little to no one was there to defend them. Tetsuo and Hack stood their ground. A massive battle shook and broke some of Dark Forest, and Acuity rushed his way there to help, where then, him (being a lover to the Metagross) and Tetsuo watched as HackSign was killed... protecting his best friend, his brother, his village. Horrified, Tetsuo fell into a rage, though angered by her underlings disobedience to get any info and not nearly kill them... the Boss Lady of the mob decapitated the Nidoking before he managed to kill Tetsuo.

It was a dark day for everyone that knew Hack the following days. Acuity and Tetsuo were the ones that suffered the most, and yet Acuity coped with it smoother... Tetsuo threw himself to the bottle, and started drinking heavily. It was because of his anger and loss that he started to lash out at everyone he knew, including Teru, and nearly lost her if he was to not straighten up.Tetsuo managed to pull through to the funeral, managed to last a few days, though the pain of the loss was too much and he left Dark Forest to collect his thoughts and self, and save Teru from his outward violence. He only told Teru, in a note, just where he was to run off to, though sneaky and tricky as the gang was, they snuck into his home, took his note, which held the location as to where he was going to be.

Unfortunate for him, Tetsuo was ambushed in his drunken and depressed state, an easy catch, and when he woke up, he was trapped somewhere far, chained in a cold dark room, most likely underground. They were not wanting to play anymore, and the Psychic's there began to probe and rip apart his mind for any clues on where that scroll was. Tetsuo went months in their custody, being mentally and physically tortured, being broken and brought down to less of what he was. There, he was not a man... there he was just information, or lack there of. They stripped him of everything, and it only got worse.

In an attempt to save his son, and knowing the tip he got was a trap, Kaisuke went anyway to try and save his son. Though he didn't get far, and he was locked away with Tetsuo, and hated himself for what he brought onto him. He was not safe from the mob, and they took special care with Kai since he was dark, and found other ways to inflict pain upon him. Together, it was father and son suffering for nearly a year.

When the Kami Trio War started, they knew nothing, and being so far out and under ground as Tetsuo thought, most the mob survived, along with Tetsuo and his father. Though during all the happenings, Kaisuke had given up, he wasn't as strong as Tetsuo was, and eventually committed suicide... Tetsuo watched, wide eyes and yet, quiet. He said nor did much to fight it. He had no strength to do so. Laying limp on the ground next to his father, he ended up laying in his blood for several nights before they came in to see that Kaisuke was in fact dead. It was a work in progress, but with all the psychic attacks on him and dream eating, Tetsuo started to loose a lot of what made him. Memories of his childhood, memories of his present, he forgot his wife, what she looked like, her voice, her touch, he forgot she was with child, he forgot who his friend Hack was, who Yuya was, he eventually forgot the face of his father and mother... Its bad when you know you have all that, and yet can't see the faces that belong to the memories...

It eventually came to the point where he was so far gone, they were getting nothing from him, and shortly after the war, they dropped him off in some out of the area place, where, broken and battered he was to fend for himself. Though Tetsuo didn't make it quite far on his own, and a Sandslash woman found him just moments from dying. She was able to nurse him back to some health, though once he was strong enough, he would push her away, fight her, refuse her help, and never speak to her. She was a mystery to him, and she wanted nothing but to make sure he was safe, and she figured he was just in a bad part of the war, though when he was able to stand and move freely, he vanished from her home to head back to Dark Forest. Why, was unknown, but he just knew that 'home' was there, and to add more to this terrible ending, he was shocked to see Dark Forest was no more.

So today, he believes firmly that his wife, who ever she was, his mother, who ever she was, and everyone else he knew, fell to the destruction the war brought on. He travels now, picking up jobs from place to place, and trying to just exists in this world now. Though soon, Tetsuo came upon Noir Vale, and set up a home there, and usually travels at night, staying out of light and sight of most. Everyday is a reminder of all he went through and all he was, his scars are there when he see's himself, and every day he just gets more and more angry at everything.... living a shadow of what he once was.

:bulletyellow:Additional info:
-Tetsuo likes women, and hates when men flirt with him. Tetsuo could care less about women, or people in general now.
-Tet has a secret love for reading, though he never shows it. To anyone. He still has this love, it helps keep his mind alert and busy.
-Tetsuo also has a love for anything with stars, oddly.
-Tetsuo's favorite color is blue.
-Despite how he treats women, he wants nothing more then to settle down and have a family. Its hard to tell if this is still possible, and most likely would be really hard to achieve.
-The fur on Tetsuo's back houses hundreds on needles that become electrically charged much like his sai. It is highly advisable that no one touches that fur.
-Tetsuo has a beaded necklace from his mother with a little star and lightning bolt charms on it. He lost this some time ago, and doesn't know where, when, how or even remembers it.
-Tetsuo's gauge size is 1 and 1/8ths of an inch, and he still has the gauges Teru gave him for his birthday, the waterstone gauges.
-The wedding band is still on his finger, though on the opposite hand.
-He is partially blind in his right eye, and can not open it very far due to the scar.


6 am and i'm finally done.


ikr? and yes this ALL happened in rp IN pokimono long ago. actually about a year ago really. LOL
i've been wanting to bring tetsuo back but things happened irl that caused me to drop it, but now that i see the group is back on track i want to make it a part of my every day activity. ffff

love this character of mine, and i am so proud cause frankly. i know he's the best jolteon gijinka i've seen.

i KNOW, okay.

and his names are different on accident. last app i spelled it wrong, i wanted it Imahara like from mythbuster, but i spelled it with a 'u' and was too lazy to change it. its really imahara. i swear. also... props to anyone that can see the ref in the names for tetsuo's family.

Kiyoko, Kaisuke, Yamagata, Akira, and his name of course, Tetsuo. one day there might be a Kaneda... a child, perhaps? >: ) who knows~

tetsuo -c- me
art -c- me
pokimono -c- to suikuro but she dropped it so....? to itself? XDD
pokemon -c- nintendo
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